What About A Blueberry Bread?

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We all have our favorite blueberry pie recipes, but what about blueberry bread?

Have you ever come home from grocery shopping with one of those big packages of fresh blueberries, and then wondered how to use them all before they go bad?

That leftover fruit mostly gets used up in extra muffins, cobblers and pies.

So how about making a bread with these healthy berries? Or even with frozen blueberries?

I love a slice for breakfast! There is that fantastic tangy taste of fresh berries with every bite, as blasts of blueberries run throughout the bread.

Lightly toasted, it goes good with granola yogurt and fresh fruit. It also makes for an awesome mid-afternoon snack! Right when you need that extra boost to get you going through the rest of the day.

Pack a few slices with you to have on the job. Especially for those late hours on night shifts, a couple of yummy slices can give you that extra needed energy lift.

I promise that any of these berry breads will become a family favorite – any way you slice it!

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