Why Are Blueberry Pancakes So Amazing?

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Do you know why blueberry pancakes - and pancakes in general - are so extraordinary? What puts them into the upper ranks of popular basic foods alongside soups, stews and puddings?

For example, just the smell of hot golden pancakes - stirs up exciting imaginations rich in culture. Folktales, fireside stories, festivals and parties. Not to mention the All American bright morning get-together to enjoy this yummy breakfast dish!

How can humble pancakes have such gripping influence?

For starters, their secret lies in its very humbleness. Their true magic lies in how plain cheap simplicity makes such reliable deliciousness. Few things in life deliver so much from so little!

They're made fast and simple. The ingredients are common and cheap. Easy and flexible – unused batter can last a while – even longer when put in the fridge.

Any metal plate and some heat is all the cook needs to turn out a pile of them. Any camper knows that all he needs is a griddle and a fire. The settlers even used a hoe blade over a crackling fire! Thus hoecakes were created!

It's not so much about having the right pancake recipe, but more about innovation created through necessity is what has become the lasting symbol of the pancake. That explains why they have survived for so long.

Now let's innovate the popular pancake one step further – add a boost of healthy blueberry zest! Just thinking about a bite of hot golden pancake – with a big blueberry chunk -seasoned with butter and dipped in home-made maple syrup makes me drool! (My uncle Elwin makes awesome maple syrup from his own trees in Maine!)

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