Carbs In Blueberries

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Do you want to know how many carbs in blueberries, raw, frozen sweetened and unsweetened? Down below is an easy table to read.

A carbohydrate is a major class of food. It is the part of the food you eat that turns into calories and energy, and into glucose. Carbohydrates come from sugars mainly, even natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, and from starches, like pasta and breads.

Here are interesting facts about carbohydrates.

Did you know that they are the cheapest source of energy for the body? Therefore it saves on the breakdown of protein to be used as energy. The protein is then spared to be used for other body uses.

There is no fixed requirement for dietary carbohydrates, although the brain, nerves, red blood cells, and lungs use glucose as a preferred source of energy.

Glucose made from carbohydrates is the ideal energy source used mainly by the brain, nerves, red blood cells and lungs.

Raw Blueberries

ServingSize Carbohydrates Calories
50berries 9.85 g 38.76
100g 14.49g 57.00
1 cup 21.01g 82.65
1 pint 58.25g 229.14

Frozen Unsweetened Blueberries

ServingSize Carbohydrates Calories
100g 12.17g 51.00
1 cup,unthawed 18.86g 79.05
1package (20 oz) 69.00g 289.17

Frozen Sweetened Blueberries

ServingSize Carbohydrates Calories
100g 21.74g 81.00
1 cup,thawed 50.01g 186.30
1package (10 oz) 61.75g 230.04

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